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  • F-Secure Internet Security  201)   F-Secure Internet Security 2007
    F-Secure Internet Security 2007 provides a complete and easy-to-use protection against viruses, hackers, spam, spyware, root-kits and unwanted Internet content. New! F-Secure DeepGuard technology protects your computer against zero-day attacks.

  • VIRUSfighter Server  202)   VIRUSfighter Server 7.5.108
    If you need an antivirus program for your Server, VIRUSfighter is for you. VIRUSfighter is a user-friendly antivirus program for Microsoft Windows Server that is easy to install on your Server and gives you the best protection you can get.

  • AV EAGLE  203)   AV EAGLE 2.702
    AV Eagle Firewall and Virus Scanner Testing Software, test your firewalls security level and virus scanners ability to detect test files.

  • SecuritySkillz PC SystemGaurd  204)   SecuritySkillz PC SystemGaurd 1.1
    World's most advanced & powerful system security software of its type. In just a few mouse-clicks, even your kid can provide total freedom for your PC, from hackers, trojans, keyloggers, spying programs, all hidden & malicious stealth programs!!

  • Advance AntiVirus automatic file protect  206)   Advance AntiVirus automatic file protect 5.95
    Removes viruses automatically, Protects email & instant messages, Protects Against Adware & Spyware. Defends against emerging threats. Automatic File Protection. Unlimited updating of virus definitions. Hostile Activity Detection.

  • DefencePlus  207)   DefencePlus 2.0
    DefencePlus is your preemptive line of defence against hackers, worms and spyware. It enables you to detect buffer overflow security threats to your computer and block them long before they reach mission-critical components of your system.

  • AV EAGLE 3  208)   AV EAGLE 3 4.71
    AV Eagle Firewall and Virus Scanner Testing Software, test your firewalls security level and virus scanners ability to detect test files.

  • Comodo Internet Security  209)   Comodo Internet Security 4.0
    Comodo Internet Security combines the award-winning Comodo Firewall and Antivirus software in one easy-to-install suite. More than 10 million PC users around the world rely on Comodo. Free.

  • popConnect  210)   popConnect 2008
    Visendo popConnect 2008 provides support for your Exchange Server. It collects the emails from your POP3, SPOP3, IMAP4 or SIMAP Accounts on the Internet and sends them to your internal e-mail server (Exchange server).

  • Protector Plus for Windows XP/2000  211)   Protector Plus for Windows XP/2000 7.2.H03
    Protector Plus is an anti-virus software designed for Windows NT/2000/XP. It has innovative features like email scan, real-time scan and InstaUpdate to ensure a virus free computer. Download this 30 day evaluation copy to try it free of cost.

  • Prevx1  213)   Prevx1
    Prevx1 will disable, remove, disinfect, cleanup and then protect your PC against re-infection by virtually all new and prevalent malware infections, such as viruses, trojans, adware, spyware and bots including those that bypass other leading security

  • Conficker Fast Removal  214)   Conficker Fast Removal 1.0
    Get rid of Conficker virus infection (also known as downadup and kido) and revert back its malicious changes in one click with this automated Removal Wizard. Additionally, Live Support will help you in deleting conficker worm in difficult cases.

  • Outpost Antivirus Pro  216)   Outpost Antivirus Pro 6.7.3
    Efficient and affordable virus protection with advanced security instruments. Compatible with the latest Windows and 64bit software, it will keep your system clean, protect online surfing, block unknown threats, while working silently in background.

  • Orbasoft  217)   Orbasoft 5.3
    Orbasoft is the powerful way to scan and remove all spyware, adware, viruses, trojans and registry errors. With Orbasoft you'll have a clean and optimized pc. No more viruses. No more spyware. No more registry errors. The trial version is 100% free.

  • VisNetic AntiVirus for Workstations  218)   VisNetic AntiVirus for Workstations 4.5.0
    VisNetic AntiVirus for Workstations provides reliable virus protection to your computer, whether the threat arrives via email, web, ftp, or various other delivery methods. Comes complete with scanner and an automated update scheduler.

  • HS SoBigRemover  220)   HS SoBigRemover 1.2
    Remote removal of huge numbered SoBig viruses without needing of downloading all emails

  • InfoShred PC History Shredder  221)   InfoShred PC History Shredder 2008.3.1.2018
    Privacy Shredder greatly increases your privacy by cleaning up all the tracks of your Internet and Computer activities. It cleans your browser's cache, cookies, Web forms data, entries in your recent documents history, recent applications history etc

  • Auslogics Antivirus  222)   Auslogics Antivirus 14.0.28
    Auslogics Antivirus is a comprehensive antivirus protection tool that will keep your PC safe from known and unknown threats. It can detect all kinds of viruses, spyware, Trojans and identity theft in real-time without slowing down your computer.

  • Mdaemon AntiVirus  223)   Mdaemon AntiVirus 2.2.6
    MDaemon AntiVirus offers total email protection and an unsurpassed ability to detect, detain and delete infected Emails. AntiVirus updates can be scheduled so there is no need to perform daily administration to keep the system updated.

  • AVIRA Antivirus for MailGate (Linux)  224)   AVIRA Antivirus for MailGate (Linux) 1.0.4
    AVIRA Antivirus for MailGate is a comprehensive antivirus solution for Linux, mail servers, functioning at high speed and checking both incoming and outgoing emails. AVIRA MailGate may run as a plug-in for Postfix, Exim and Sendmail-Milter.

  • PREVX CSI  225)   PREVX CSI 2009
    Quickly finds and fixes rootkits and advanced spyware that defeat most other PC security solutions putting your confidential data at risk.

  • Simple Machine Protect  226)   Simple Machine Protect 1.8.8
    Simple Machine Protect is portable antivirus software for your Windows Operating System, built to remove certain variant of virus, worm, trojan and spyware from your computer. Simple Machine Protect is free to distribute, and free to use.

  • Fixiter  228)   Fixiter
    Fixiter checks and deletes all dangerous or unnecessary files out of your system very carefully and without losing necessary information which can destroy PC function. Fixiter has built-in plugins which can be added easily in the program

  • Kingsoft Internet Security  229)   Kingsoft Internet Security 9
    Internet security suite that includes anti-virus, anti-malware, vulnerability scanner and personal firewall. Find and fix rootkits, spyware, trojans, virus and malware infections. Also includes many other tools: flash rescue disk , disk cleaner, etc.

  • MSBlast Remover  230)   MSBlast Remover 1.1
    MS Blast remover is a free utility that can quickly scan your system to detect and remove the W32.Blaster.Worm. This lightweight, downloadable application runs without installing any components on your system.

  • Corporate Safe n Sec  233)   Corporate Safe n Sec 2.0
    Safe n Sec Corporate - Corporate security <> system providing computer networks protection from internet threats, intrusions and insiders (information drain). Saves confidential data and customer reputation.

  • AVIRA Antivirus for WebGate (Linux)  235)   AVIRA Antivirus for WebGate (Linux) 1.2.1
    AVIRA Antivirus for WebGate reliably secures plain HTTP and FTP connections, by scanning, filtering and blocking the access to all unwanted programs and viruses from the Internet. It checks emails, downloads, attachments and webmail accounts.

  • InDesign Virus Detector  236)   InDesign Virus Detector 1.0.2004
    Virus Detector is very powerfull spyware, firewall protection tool against viruses, worms and other dangerous software that could attach while surfing the Internet. It detects more than 90% viruses, worms and other dangerous software. With this pr

  • VIRUSfighter VISTA  237)   VIRUSfighter VISTA 5.99
    If you need an antivirus program for Windows Vista, VIRUSfighter is for you. VIRUSfighter is a user-friendly antivirus program for Windows Vista that is easy to install on your computer and gives you the best protection you can get.

  • iolo Antivirus  238)   iolo Antivirus
    Protect your PC against viruses, worms, Trojans, and other Internet threats. With real-time protection and hourly updates, iolo AntiVirus blocks malware, removes malicious code, shields your files from theft and damage, and guards your privacy.

  • TrustPort Antivirus USB Edition  241)   TrustPort Antivirus USB Edition 2009 2.8
    TrustPort Antivirus USB Edition is designed specifically for users working on multiple computers, carrying their data on a flash drive. It does not allow malware to be copied to the drive, it enables antivirus scanning of any host computer.

  • Acronis Antivirus  242)   Acronis Antivirus 2010
    Acronis AntiVirus 2010 protects your family and their computers from phishing attacks, spammers and as many as 10,000 new viruses created every week.

  • Extreme Security Suite  244)   Extreme Security Suite 1.0
    ExtremeSecurity Detects and removes viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, bots, and more. Extreme Security is essential antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection for your PC. The most comprehensive security also protects your data.

  • XP Antivirus Remover  245)   XP Antivirus Remover 1.0
    Find and remove XP Antivirus for free with XP Antivirus Remover, a freeware application from ConsumerSoft.

  • Clean Zafi  246)   Clean Zafi 1.2
    Clean Zafi is a free tool to detect and remove all variant of the Zafi virus (b, c and d) that have been spreading since 12/14/2004.

  • Repellent  247)   Repellent 2.3.04
    Repellent protects you from all scrip viruses and email attachments like PIF SCR REG file that run and infect your computer when you open your email. It even protects you while you surf the Internet.

  • Browser Sentinel  248)   Browser Sentinel 3.0
    Powerful antimalware tool. Browser Sentinel keeps you informed of all third-party extensions that are being attached to Internet Explorer. You can view detailed information about every installed extension and safely disable/enable any of them.

  • Safe WinFile Ultimate Tech 2005  249)   Safe WinFile Ultimate Tech 2005 1.0
    Safe WinFile Ultimate Tech 2005 is high level protection tool against viruses, trojan horses and spywares.It protects Windows directory files (.exe;.dll;.drv;.vxd;.com).With this product virus cannot be attached and cannot delete any Windows file

  • Safe n Sec  250)   Safe n Sec 2.5.1989
    Safe n Sec - Real-time Proactive Computer Protection against viruses, spyware, vulnerabilities and newly discovered threats.

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